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Economically speaking, cars consist of three parts: equity ownership , depreciation loss in value over time , and interest expense on the loan, if any. If you finance the purchase of a car, you pay for all three parts, and you will own the vehicle in, say, four years. But if you lease, you are paying only for use of the vehicle.

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This is why monthly lease payments are lower than purchase payments. Leasing, quite simply, is the difference between owning a car and renting one. Why would a car dealer want you to rent i. Then you give the car back, giving the dealer the chance to resell it. In other words, the dealer gets to sell the same car twice! The second buyer pays the rest at that time.

Leasing, then, features lower monthly payments because dealers expect the car to retain a certain value. That would make the lease payment absurdly high, and no one would take the deal. This game is dangerous for the dealer, but a bargain for you. Expensive cars tend to offer better lease deals than cheaper cars, for they retain more of their value, and the higher the residual value, the lower your lease payments.

As with most financial transactions, success or failure is found in the fine print.

Loan and Lease Specials

Here are three items to keep in mind:. If you wreck the car three months before your lease expires, guess how much your insurance company will pay in settlement? When someone buys a car, the more money he puts down, the less his monthly payments. Similarly, to lower your lease payments, you can make a cap cost reduction, which is a large, one-time payment made at the start of the lease.

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And as with a down payment, the more you pay in cap short for capitalized cost reductions, the lower your monthly payments. However, this is where the similarity ends. Remember that when leasing, you do not own the car. Thus, if you make a cap cost reduction, you are making a down payment on property that is not yours.

Never do that — no matter how much the dealer wants you to, and no matter how much it reduces your monthly payments — for in the long run, you are throwing your money away. Two months later, he totaled the car. Because the only reason dealers want you to pay it is so they can offer you a monthly payment that sounds really low. You bet! Not likely.

Instead of paying a cap cost reduction to lower your payments, ask the dealer to let you make additional security deposits. That means you must be careful when agreeing to options that the dealer offers you. Take Carmen for example.

A Maserati Quattroporte Lease Deal Not To Miss

But then she decided to have the dealer install mats, fancier rims, a iPod adapter, and a navigation system. It was a deal all right — but for the dealer, not Carmen. When the lease expired three years later, Carmen returned the car — and with it, the mats, rims, iPod adapter, and navigation system. Carmen paid the full cost of owning those items, but she only rented them. Dumb move, Carmen. What she should have done is incorporated the cost of the options into the overall price of the car, and then negotiated the lease price. Remember: When you lease, you are renting the car and everything in it.

When leasing, you are liable for sales tax even though you do not own the car. But to entice you to lease, many dealers offer to pay the property tax for you. It is often utilized by companies when acquiring business vehicles. In general, leasing a car costs less than buying a car, although there are several restrictions, such as vehicle mileage limits and non-customization agreements, that can determine whether it is better to lease or buy a car.

Buy or Lease Your Next Car?

Generally a lease deposit is only refundable at the termination of the lease. This assumes that all the leasing contract obligations have been met.

How to Negotiate the Auto Lease Price

Keep in mind that a deposit a. Down payments are not refundable but security deposits typically are. Also note that some leases require non-refundable deposits. Be sure to read your lease agreement carefully and ask as many questions as you have before you sign on the dotted line. Many manufacturers and dealerships offer zero-down lease deals. Of course, there are varying factors that qualify or disqualify customers from these types of leases.

Factors like credit scores, credit payment history, etc. Just remember that paying nothing down typically means higher monthly payments. Car leasing, like traditional auto financing, works like this: the bigger the down payment, the lower the monthly payment. Of all the benefits of leasing a car, maintenance benefits are typically the most popular.

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Of course, specifics will vary within individual lease contracts, but almost all leases will cover your leased vehicle's normal maintenance and service needs. These include filter and fluid changes, regular tune-ups, and regularly scheduled maintenance typically doesn't cost anything out of pocket. Typically, a credit score of or lower is classified as "subprime". There are various steps you can utilize to improve your credit score such as making on-time payments, consistent employment history, and applying for loans too many times.

The short answer to this question is: 'it depends'. If you drive a lot of miles annual and like to keep your vehicles for longer than three years, leasing won't be very beneficial for you. Basically, the difference between auto leasing or buying really comes down to your personal, automotive and financial priorities. Also, it is worth mentioning that some owners find high mileage leasing to be more beneficial in terms of financial safety and security than vehicle ownership.

Statistically speaking, despite the overage fees you may pay when returning a high mileage leased vehicle, it is likely that you will come out ahead, compared to buying a car. High mileage causes a significant reduction at resale, but with leasing, it's already taken in to consideration. Additionally, the more time you spend on the roads, the more susceptible to accidents you will be.

With leasing, you are not responsible for the deduction in value from that accident.

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Typically speaking, yes, you can trade in your leased vehicle at a different dealership. It must, however, be an authorized dealership for the vehicle manufacturer.