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ustanovka-kondicionera-deshevo.ru/libraries/2020-07-14/3523.php Retype Password. Have a Facebook account?. The base ship needs to be checked-in first. After the upgrade the old ship will be converted to the upgraded version. Materials to upgrade Epheria Frigate to the Epheria Galleass. Materials highlighted in blue are different from the ones used for upgrading a sailboat. Both Caravel and Galleass green equipment have identical stats and cost. The equipment can be purchased from Falasi in Port Epheria. Blue gear can be crafted at Port Epheria ship part workshop.

Like green gear, both Caravel and Galleass have identical stats. Materials for crafting blue upgraded ship gear for the Epheria Caravel. Materials for crafting blue upgraded ship gear for the Epheria Galleass. Items marked in blue are different from Caravel. The Cog can be crafted at the shipyard in Port Epheria.

Unlike the other big ships, this mount cannot be repaired similar to fishing boat. You can receive a free Cog from the sailing main quest. You can use the breezy sail skill on this ship. This ship can be repaired, unlike the old Bartali sailboat. You can purchase ship parts for this budget ship from Falasi in Epheria. Materials to upgrade the Batali Sailboat to a regular Epheria Frigate.

Materials marked in blue are different from sailboat. The improved Epheria Sailboat adds 2 cannons to each side that is captain controlled cannonballs , while the improved Epheria Frigate adds 4 cannons to each side cannonballs. Materials marked in blue are different from the Sailboat.

Ship rations should not be confused with sailor food, which is a separate system involving food items. To restore ship rations, you need to visit a wharf manager, take out your ship, and request to refuel the ship. You can also restore rations using ordinary food items if you are out in the seas. Food items with higher rarity will restore a larger amount of rations. Cannon cooldown is shared by both left and right cannons, so you cannot fire left and right cannons in quick succession. Wind is stronger further away from the continent.

Inventory can be managed at the wharf manager.

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You can also directly manage inventory of your ship for non-barter items. A folded sail will cause the ship to be unaffected by wind which will be useful for sailing against the wind. There is a limit on the number of sailors you can recruit, which can be increased by using an item awarded from quests. The main tutorial questline rewards a few of these, and also gives a free sailor. Recruiting sailors requires a contract, which costs 3mil. The contract can be purchased at both inns in Velia from the innkeeper or from Falasi at Port Epheria.


Recruitable sailors can be found in Velia most are in the old inn and around Port Epheria near the beached whale. Each hiring attempt can fail, and if you fail to hire a sailor, the contract will still be consumed and the sailor will walk out, which prevents you from re-attempting to hire that sailor. Sailors you have recruited can be assigned to the ship via sailor management at the wharf manager.

A sailor may demand a certain amount of cabins, which limits how many sailors you can assign on a ship. Additionally, you can feed sailors through the sailor management window to recover loyalty. You cannot use worker food e. Recipe for chowder:.